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Yes there will be light, _color_and_sound_in_ clever, kind and interesting films!

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Work on new design and structure of a site is completed  >>>


 DVD "Noncommercial films" is made on BHS>>>


The presentation of film "Damnation of the vanished witch" was held >>>


Documentary film about the Rainbow will be mounted before "Searches of sense" >>>




  Videoamateurs and professionals of cinema, participants of club "InterYes" and everything, everything, everyone who has become interested in our ideas and creative activity! We are glad, that you to all other resources of the Internet devoted to creation of noncommercial films, have preferred a site of company IDEAfilm. From here you can learn, as well as above what we now work on, what have already made and what we gather, and what participation you can accept, receive in it videomaterials interesting you to exchange saved up experience in work from videos and so on.


Now you are on the Main page of a site. If you are interested, how to use it, press a question  mark "" . Also from here you can proceed to sections " Ideas and projects " and "Logbook" where we share with you the задумками and plans, where we describe events of our creative activity. About main principles of work and a history "IDEAfilm" you will find the information under the reference " About the company ", how to start to work together with us and who is still ready to stretch to us a hand of mutual aid it is possible to learn from the unit "Cooperation". If you want to esteem scripts which we have written and to receive the information on films which we had time to make on them, mind the reference " our scripts and films ". To familiarize with work of our club, technical opportunities, videofunds and a site it is possible, accordingly, from sections "Film-club "InterYes", "Videostudio", "Filmoteka", "Our coordinates ". And when you want to leave to us wishes, or to share, something interesting write in " the Guest book " or on e-mail: Ideafilm@narod.ru  we Hope, that you will be interested in our work, enjoy your reading!


  Dear visitors and employees of the company! According to your requests we work on a new versions of the site with search system and faster loading of pages. It will be updated gradually undressed behind section, new videorollers and photos will appear, texts will be translated into English language, still subitems if necessary will be added. After this version is completed and tested, tested under different systems and browsers with miscellaneous sanctions and adjustments, checked up by time and editors, it will replace the previous version. If you want to add and improve a site, or find out on it any defects and lapses, please, write about it on e-mail: il82@list.ru  Beforehand to you it is grateful, the manager of a site, IL.

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